By: Sister Mary Scholastica, O.C.D.

To remember is a powerful thing. It transports us back to past experiences; it connects us relationally with others; and it provides context to current situations. Remembering is deeply tied to who we are. That’s why memory loss is such a tragic experience for both the affected individual and for their loved ones as it starts to disconnect them from the people and all the memories and experiences that have made them the person they are today.

This is why a nation that chooses to REMEMBER the great sacrifices made by its military members through the generations strengthens the bonds of unity between its citizens. A nation that remembers is truly a great and grateful nation. Honoring its service members in this way speaks volumes about the soul of a country.

All of us here today stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. We have to remember that ALL who gave their lives for the sake of a greater cause, their love of God, country and fellow man, not only left a lasting legacy for good, they also left behind sorrow and loss. They left behind years of happiness, parents, children, loved ones, a chance to form their own memories. We can’t even begin to imagine the great suffering they endured that we might live in prosperity, peace, and freedom. To remember is not enough, simply because it is so easy to forget. To these men and women, we owe not just a remembrance, but a renewed commitment to stay steadfast in the struggle for unity and peace.

To all those currently serving in the armed forces, we thank you for your service. May God reward you and your families. Know that you always have the promise of our daily prayers.