By: Sister Meredith, O.C.D.
We are born into this world as infants, entirely receptive and dependent on our parents to give us the love and nourishment we need. As we mature into adulthood, we are able to return what we first received unconditionally: love, forgiveness, new beginnings. Moving into our twilight years, we again receive and depend on loved ones until our God calls us back into His loving embrace. In all of these phases, we are not alone. We are born, live, and die in the context of our human family and in the family of God. Hence, our theme this year which highlights the importance of family, “The Family, Created for Love.”

Woven throughout these phases of life, stories of our beloved foundress, Venerable Mother Luisita, will inspire you to live an ordinary life with extraordinary virtue. She did so in the context of her natural and religious family. From her, we learn that holiness is something we work on and we can understand how she grew in humility, obedience, and heroic charity through life’s struggles and circumstances. Through her life as a teenager, a married woman, a widow, and a consecrated religious fleeing persecution in Mexico in the 1920’s, she kept her eyes fixed on Jesus. So must we. The inner eye of our soul must be focused on His Sacred Heart. Did He not promise that He would comfort us in our trials and be our secure refuge during life, and, above all, in death?

Enjoy our monthly sharing of articles, videos, practical tips, and stories that center around the many phases of life on a physical and spiritual level in the context of our human family and the love of God. We echo the words of Saint Pope John Paul II, “To maintain a joyful family requires much from both the parents and the children. Each member of the family has to become, in a special way, the servant of the others.” Amen.