A tiny hand with
squeezable soft fingers
Reaches up,
waving those wiggly
adorable arms wildly upward
in incredible movements of
air-slicing, music-orchestrating
billows of movement, playing,
exploring, basking in the
breathless beauty of sheer life.

Another hand,
weather-beaten, gnarled and rough
Reaches down,
Tracing those first, breathless
communications of love,
Into the air, electric with the
warmth of bonding,
Cooing, making those
unexplainable sounds
Which only a father can make
as he looks upon his new baby
for the first time.

This is a holy moment amidst
the sacred space of family,
Wrapped in this unexplainable
synergy of parenthood,
Living, loving,
nurturing, forming
Entrusted by God with the
incredible mission
Of imaging God as father
of a precious new person.
“to reveal and relive on earth
the very Fatherhood of God”