Dearest Sisters in Christ, you took us into your home, your convent on Green Street in Los Angeles. You opened wide your arms, embraced us and told us “Mi casa es su casa” and we have not forgotten you, nor all of the support you gave us in those early days.

You gave us English lessons and listened to our first halting words. You taught us about American culture, the preparing of American meals, and you helped us tweak our habit when we made some needed changes. The clothing and other items you gave us to begin over.  

Dear Sisters, we had been months without Mass when we arrived. We came to your home and lived once again under the same roof as our Eucharistic Lord. We remember especially – you see it has been passed down through each generation of our community – the day you drove us to Immaculate Heart College so we could attend Mass offered by a Spanish-speaking priest and go on a picnic (which you provided) with our dear friends, the cloistered nuns from the Carmel of St. Teresa in Guadalajara who had fled several weeks before we did.