Father Ott, we owe you so much! You are the person who was taught us the most about the United States and its very different culture. Twice you moved a vacant house onto a vacant lot so we could have a place to live, both in Long Beach and in Los Angeles.

You brought us to your parish and into a Mexican Diaspora of sorts. Your parish had a huge Mexican population made up of immigrants from the Mexico, refugees like us. We ministered right there in Long Beach and again at St. Patrick’s in Los Angeles to our own people, suffering immensely the pains of exile.

It was from you that we learned the laws of our new country and you helped us read and understand the different contracts and other endeavors we needed to get done in order to remain in the U.S. 

You helped us get our citizenship and our visas.

On this our ninetieth anniversary, we want you to know that every new postulant and novices learns about you and, yes, from you, Father Ott. We learn what true friendship is and the sacrifices made on our behalf in the living out of that friendship.

May God reward you, dear Father Ott. We are here because of your kindness, patience and innate entrepreneurship.