Cardinal McIntyre, you are a forever friend. As our community grew, you helped us whenever we needed a helping hand. Working in collaboration with you as our local Ordinary was our goal and our privilege.


You were the second Archbishop of Los Angeles and when our new community received the Decree of Praise from Rome, you officially accepted our new canonical status

resulting from the decree.


Cardinal McIntyre, you came to Santa Teresita and visited our beautiful TB girls, confirmed them, and handled their high school diplomas through the County of Los Angeles Department of Education. We remember the day you told us how you used to work on Wall Street, a financier and you helped us with financial matters, giving us your solid advice. You personally asked us to staff Archdiocesan schools and gave your blessing to our endeavors as each came up. If we invited you to an event, a function, or a religious ceremony you said yes. Thank you for your incredible support!