Archbishop Cantwell, when we first met you, Los Angeles was not yet an Archdiocese, so we knew you at first as ‘Bishop Cantwell.’ We came by the Chancery office which was located at that time in the Higgins Building in Los Angeles, and you were there working on a Saturday and came out immediately to meet us when our arrival was announced to you.

We remember you great, great kindness and the compassion etched into your face as you heard our story through Father Leroy Callahan, who translated for us.



That is huge to refugees who have given up everything looking for sanctuary.  For us, at first we wanted temporary lodging only while the Cristero War was raging in Mexico, but as time went on we discerned together it was God’s will for us to remain in the United States.

You LISTENED to us and advised us, giving permission for some things and asking us wait for others.

We extend to you our prayerful gratitude and we want to thank you in person someday when we also enter eternity. We will never forget you.