By: Sr Antonia Teresa, OCD

Gratitude is a beautiful quality.  It draws our attention to the purpose of our existence — God himself. Gratitude is the state of being really thankful for all that God has given us and having a real willingness to return the kindness and love we are experiencing in our lives.

When we consider “gratitude” in the light of “humility” — truly acknowledging who we are before the One who called all things into being — we come to a deep sense of awe in the wonder of “who God is” and how much he loves us. We live in an attitude of knowing that all life is a gift, and our response will naturally be to return that gift to those with whom we live.

Let us try to recall daily the gifts and blessings of our Father, the One who called us into being and Who sustains us in life. Let us show our thankfulness for this gift in tangible ways and let us always remember that a life lived in gratitude is a life lived for Christ.