Novena Day 2
Saint Teresa Margaret Redi (1747-1770)

“I am resolved to give complete obedience in everything without exception, not only to my superiors, but also to my equals and inferiors, so as to learn from you, my God, who made yourself obedient in far more difficult circumstances than those in which I find myself.”

Saint Teresa Margaret Redi
Feast Day ~ September 1

Born Anna Maria Redi, to a noble Italian family in 1747, Anna Maria from an early age, desired nothing more than to live a humble, completely hidden life given over to growing in virtue. Beginning around the age of five, she felt called to a life of prayer and would spend much time alone in quiet contemplation, pursuing holiness while carefully avoiding drawing attention to herself, and to appear ordinary to all around her. Although drawn to the religious life, Anna Maria was not quite sure of her vocation. It would be none other than St. Teresa of Ávila herself who would dispel Teresa Margaret’s doubts inviting her to become one of her spiritual daughters in Carmel with these words: “I am Teresa of Jesus, and I want you among my daughters.” Teresa Margaret entered the Florence Carmel in September 1764 at the age of 17.

Teresa Margaret served her community as infirmarian and always presented a serene exterior no matter how taxing her internal or external trials might have been. She was determined to prove her love for God in all her deeds, to conform her will to God’s in all things, to be – in her words – “motivated by love alone.” For those wishing to grow in virtue, it is well worth getting to know St. Teresa Margaret and following her quiet example.