Feast of All Carmelite Saints ~ Novena Day 3 – November 8

“O my God, Trinity whom I adore, let me entirely forget myself that I may abide in You,

still and peaceful, as if my soul were already in eternity.”

Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity

From a very early age, Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity experienced an indwelling presence of the Blessed Trinity in the depths of her soul. With unwavering doubt, Elizabeth had a deep conviction of God’s personal love for her and her most ardent desire was to respond to God’s love in kind. This ultimately blossomed into her vocation as a Carmelite nun, and she entered the Dijon Carmel in 1901. Being united with the indwelling Trinity is what Elizabeth teaches us. She encourages us to know with absolute certainty the love God holds for each of His children, of His presence in our ordinary, daily lives and that He remains quietly hidden in the tabernacle of our soul, patiently waiting for us to acknowledge Him, desiring to form a close friendship with us. Her wise example reminds us to set aside time and “tune out” the passing, yet very noisy demands of modern life, and to cultivate a deep, intimate relationship with God.

“O God of bountiful mercy, you revealed to Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity the mystery of your secret presence in the hearts of those who love you and you chose her to adore you in spirit and in truth. Through her intercession may we also abide in the love of Christ, that we may merit to be transformed into temples of your life-giving Spirit to the praise of your glory. We ask this through our Lord.” (Carmelite Proper of Saints)