October 15th is Saint Teresa of Avila’s feast day and it marks the beginning of the year long celebration of the centenary of her birth.  

Each branch of the Discalced Carmelite family made its own contribution to the festivities held in San José, California, August 21-23, 2014 at a conference celebrating Saint Teresa.  This virtual choir was part of one of the programs presented in August.  Enjoy this glimpse of Carmelites around the world…

The lyrics to the song come from Saint Teresa’s prayer:

Nada te turbe
   Let nothing disturb you 
Nada te espante
Let nothing frighten you
Todo se pasa
   Everything passes 
Dios no se muda
   God never changes
La paciencia 
Todo lo alcanza
   Obtains all things
Quien a Dios tiene
   The one that has God
Nada le falta
   Lacks nothing
Solo Dios basta.
   God alone is enough.

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