Promoting a Deeper Spiritual Life…on the basketball court!

It was the junior high boys first basketball game of the season.  As four sisters walked into the stuffy gym they were astounded by the sight that awaited them: bleachers packed with Holy Innocents teachers, parents and the entire girls’ basketball team ready to cheer on the boys for their first game.

After a very devout prayer, the boys took the court, nervously adjusting their jerseys. Our captain stepped up for the tip off (12 inches shorter than his opponent) and the fun began. Slips, slides, turn-overs, fouls and missed shots by the valiant Holy Innocents’ players- yet the morale remained at fever pitch.

The boys played with heart and determination but they weren’t the only heroes of the game.  The stands were full of them. Six teachers were in attendance- one of which brought her whole family which included four children under the age of five. Our whole girls’ team (and their parents) also came to cheer after their game which was across town earlier in the evening. The supportive fans brought colorful posters, creative cheers and a lot of enthusiasm!

Holy Innocents may not be out scoring its opponents on the scoreboard, but we are certainly out-scoring them in team spirit. Mother Luisita’s joy and family spirit is so evident in our players, students, teachers and parents that we are even receiving comments from coaches and parents from other schools. May God be praised!