By: Lisa Stevens

I first met the sisters of Santa Teresita when our family moved to Los Angeles and multiple people asked me to spend some time with them. I must admit I was at first a little uncertain. When I met these women it was like being with old friends. They are all so engaging, funny and dedicated to helping others. I have had the privilege over the last four years to observe a group of women who could run a Fortune 100 company with ease and have chosen to dedicate their lives to truly making aging be the golden years.

Santa Teresita is a magical place that provides seniors with the care they need to help them live with the dignity they deserve. It is run by the most amazing group of selfless individuals that I have encountered in my lifetime. The Carmelite Sisters have dedicated their lives to serving others. Santa Teresita began in 1930 when the Carmelite Sisters established a three-acre tuberculosis sanatorium for young women and girls. Since then, Santa Teresita has grown to a twelve-acre campus that provides services to families from childcare to senior care.

Creating connections between generations

The sisters had a vision to create, what I believe to be, one of the most thoughtful assisted living options in Southern California. They paid attention to every detail and have created a place that family and friends would want to come visit. Their incredible creativity included building the cottage for seniors overlooking the day care center for children. This way, seniors have the opportunity to volunteer and work with the kids from the day care center, or even sit at their balcony and watch the young laugh and play. It’s a wonderful intergenerational approach.

Every time I visit with the sisters I am filled with gratitude, awe and appreciation. These women run a tight ship, care deeply for everyone they serve, and ask for nothing in return for the gifts they give to others every day.

Excerpt from Lisa Steven’s Blog: Life in Balance

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