In a fast food, instant messaging, disposable culture, it is refreshing and life giving to celebrate the long lasting, daily faithfulness of women who have kept their vows for 25, 70, 80 years.  Jubilees invite all of us to renew our own vows, whether in consecrated life, in marriage, or perhaps in our own relationship with Christ.  Jubilarians remind us of the great joy to be found in fidelity.  Witnesses to God’s fidelity, they proclaim with their lives that in Him, with Him, through Him, we can be faithful in the details of daily life.  As you enjoy this video of our Community celebration of our Jubilarians, may you be renewed in your own commitments and celebrate the wonders God has worked in your life…

Jubilees 2014 from Carmelite Sisters on Vimeo.

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