Sister Laetitia Therese, Sister Joseph Francesca, and Sister Mara received the holy habit of Carmel on March 25th, in preparation for their First Profession of Vows in July.  Please join us in praying for our youngest brides!

Reflections on wearing the holy habit of Carmel…

“It is an immense privilege and honor to wear the holy habit of Carmel, especially since our Mother Foundress and early sisters were unable to wear it in Mexico due to the religious persecution.  I am in awe of its significance and most grateful to be clothed in this garment signifying the humility and purity of our Blessed Mother.”  
– Sister Laetitia Therese of Divine Mercy

“I am profoundly struck by the fact that I was clothed in the holy habit of Carmel on the day the Church celebrates the Annunciation – the day Christ wedded all humanity to Himself!  I am privileged and honored beyond words to wear this, my wedding garment, daily.”
– Sister Mara of Jesus

“It is a privilege to wear the holy habit of Carmel, as so many saints have done before me.  The habit allows me to be a witness to the Gospel and the love of Christ wherever I go…no words are necessary.”
– Sister Joseph Francesca

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