A letter from one of our dear friends about her experience of Santa Teresita’s 25th Annual Gala honoring Sister Regina Marie on Saturday, October 26th…

Dear Carmelite Sisters,

With the memories of the 26th painted so vividly in my mind, I am writing to thank you for hosting a most impressive, spiritual, meaningful, and entertaining “Gala” event.

The Mass, celebrated by Archbishop Jose Gomez and the many con-celebrating priests, touched my heart and soul in ways that will forever influence me. The pre-dinner social gathering was so alive with greeting and reconnecting with friends and acquaintances and with meeting new people. The dinner was delicious…the entertainment was clever and effective…and the choir of your truly angelic voices touched my soul with feelings of joy and nostalgia.

And at the core of all of the above is the abundance of love, service, joy, creativity, generosity, and God-given talents generating from each one of you.

What a blessing it is to myself and your countless “friends” that you have reached beyond the Convent walls into our lives and homes. We need you in our lives and you make a difference to us in ways you will probably never really know.

Throughout the evening, I watched you serve appetizers, answer questions, give us directions, serve food, clear tables, entertain us. Never once did I see an unhappy or unwelcoming face…sometimes, I myself thought it might be appropriate for one of you to scream!!! Especially, when trying to “drive the herd” from the Hall to the Dining Hall. What patience and humor you exuded to accomplish this huge feat.

The highlight of the evening was, without question, the fact that we were there to honor Sister Regina Marie. I marvel at how each of you bonded together to make this so beautiful and soul-filled and blessed.

From watching you as you honored her, I saw her as God’s instrument to bring to life the incredible works and accomplishments of the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart. Sister Regina Marie, and each one of you, are striving to bring God more strongly into our lives, making us aware that He is truly guiding us and walking beside us through our joys and sorrows…that He has a reason for where we are and what is happening in our daily routines.

Should you challenge me to stand up on a soap box, I would shout from my deepest being, my admiration and love for Sister Regina Marie. That can never change. But what has changed (though the seed was planted on my first encounter with you Sisters many, many years ago)…is that I would also shout my admiration and love for each one of you.

May you continue to have the stamina to reach out to us in the secular world. (I know you have the spiritual strength and unselfishness to do so). My prayers are with you and for you. My gratitude is endless and void of words to truly express how much I treasure knowing you.