A Light in the Darkness

Throughout life, we are all faced with difficult times.  All of us have times of  illness, struggles in relationships, a loss of employment, or even the daily tragedies that are presented to us on the news daily. As we journey through these times of struggle, we come to realize that our world is not perfect and discover within ourselves a yearning for something greater, a desire, a hope for more than this passing world offers.  This experience could be compared to someone who is in a room with no light.  The very instant that light appears, we are immediately drawn toward the source of the light. 

This analogy reveals a little of how the human heart longs for the light of our Catholic Faith.  Even if we are not aware of it, our hearts yearn for heaven, to be in constant union with God Who loves us more than we will ever comprehend. 

The 2012-2013 Year of Faith is a priceless opportunity to rekindle the light of faith in our souls.  A deeper knowledge of our faith fosters and deepens an ever-growing relationship with the Blessed Trinity as we begin to experience even here on earth our first taste of the immensely beautiful reality of heaven. 

I once heard that faith is trusting that when we step off a ledge, we will either land on solid ground or we will learn to fly.  In this Year of Faith, let us step off the ledges that are holding us back from entering into a full and complete relationship with God.  Let us take every opportunity possible to learn more about our Catholic Faith through frequent reception of the Sacraments, Bible and doctrinal studies, and daily prayer.

From California to Florida, the Carmelite Sisters offer many opportunities to grow in faith. These include courses, presentations, retreats, workshops, and our entrance into the world of social media with stories, reflections on the Catholic Faith. They can be found on our newly-updated website.  Join us in making this Year of Faith a dynamic catalyst to holiness and that prayer which Saint Teresa describes as “a heart to heart conversation with Him Who we know loves us.”          

Our journey of faith is ultimately an gift and an opportunity. Let us journey together as we embark on the adventure of a lifetime!