Handmaidens Pilgrimage | March 5, 2011


On March 5, 2011 a group of Handmaidens traveled to Mount Carmel in the Desert for a day of reflection and prayer with the Carmelite Sisters.  This was a wonderful opportunity for both the young women and the sisters to strengthen their prayer life and their relationship with the Blessed Trinity.

Handmaidens is a group for young single women between the ages of 18 – 35 who desire to learn more about their faith and the beauty and dignity that is accorded to them in their vocation as women, which will guide them in their life choices and be an integral part of their formation –  spiritually, emotionally and psychologically.  Handmaidens meets once a month for a potluck, talks given by the Sisters and chosen laity, and Adoration.  The fruit of these gatherings has been a strengthening in the spiritual life and a desire to live holiness of life in whatever vocation our Lord is calling them to.