Conference 3: Carmelite Spirituality and Our Community

Gentle Reminders

  • Give yourself a solid 45-60 minutes of undistracted time.
  • Listen in a room set apart from others, not where there is a television or computer screen on.
  • Have a journal you can write with and write down the points that speak to your heart along with any questions you would like to bring to the live Zoom Q&A sessions.
  • After the conference, we invite you to ponder any key points that struck you and take some silent prayer time to let the Lord speak to you about these points.
An important part of our Carmelite charism is also praying for, supporting and sacrificing for priests.
We hope that you enjoy this video we made for our priests in order to show them our love and support

Musical Meditation: My Offering

By the Carmelite Sisters, from the Lean Into the Wind Album

My Offering

by Carmelite Sisters | Lean Into the Wind

My Offering

The poor in spirit you are pleased
that you may bestow your peace
divest my soul, help me to leave,
all for your Sacred Heart I cleave.
Reserve my heart for you alone,
my hands and feet make them your own.
Your ways I follow to the end,
promptings of your will do I bend.

Refrain: I give myself with whole heart to you,
my God, I beg your grace
to fortify my weakness
in this my offering.

This day I give my soul to you,
bind as one in love and truth.
Accept this sacrifice to you I raise,
a living holocaust of praise.
To you, O Lord, I give my life
in you alone my soul delights.
Fulfill in me your fidelity,
cover and protect me. Refrain

Your Church I will forever serve
faithful servant to the end.
Unmoving in your steadfast grace,
till the eternal face to face.
Receive me now till death we meet,
alleviate this exile bleak.
My life I pay to you my Lord,
in the presence of your courts. Refrain